Website Audit

Give Your Website the Health Check It Deserves

Find out what’s holding your website back from search engine success with a thorough site audit.


My Website Audits

I never take a one-size-fits-all approach to website audits. Instead, I listen to the concerns of my clients and perform web page audits that consist of one or more of the following review areas:

  • Site Speed

    How fast is your website loading? Slow loading times are a turn-off for visitors and a warning sign to search engines.

  • Code Optimisation

    Is the structure of your website’s code conducive to fast page loading times? If it isn’t I will optimise it for immediate improvements.

  • Current Google Rankings

    I will assess how your website is ranking on Google for industry-specific keywords. Where different content strategies are required, I will implement them using a custom SEO strategy.

  • Competitor Analysis

    I will take a close look at what your highest-ranking competitor websites are doing. And wherever possible, I will aim to do it better.

  • Design Review

    Does the design of your website make navigation and page reading easy for visitors? I know how to keep people on your website long enough to deliver a valuable conversion.

  • Recommendations

    Once I have assessed every page and section of your website, I will provide you with a range of website ideas designed to increase its performance.

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